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Electro Plating Chemicals
For forming a protective coating over the metallic surfaces by using electric current, effective grade of Electroplating Chemicals are required. Due to their precise pH value and  accurate composition, they work effectively. From cleaning, coating to enhancing the surfaces of metals, offered chemicals are used.
Electro Plating Machinery
With the utilization of optimum grade of metals as raw materials by using the advanced techniques, highly efficient Electroplating Machinery are precisely constructed. Along with following easy installation processes, these work effectively to perform various functions associated with electroplating effectively.
Nickel Metallic Salts
We are offer Nickel Metallic salts for use in industrial and commercial places. they are very effective and made for use in various industries. They are offered in various types and are highly efficient and safe for use.
Copper Sulphate
We are offering the various types and forms of Copper sulphate for use in commercial and industrial applications. It is safe for use and is very easy to transport and store. It is very effective in its use and is highly efficient.
Tin Plating Chemicals
We are offering the various types of Tin Plating Chemicals for use in various industrial applications and are very effective. The plating helps in increasing the life of the metals and making them more durable.
Surface Treatment Chemical
The offered Sodium Cyanide is very useful and is used in a number of industries for various purposes. It is highly useful and can be used for various purposes as per the customers need.
Metal Finishing Chemical
We are here providing the various types of Metal finishing chemicals that are very effective and made for use in various industries. The chemicals are efficient and safe for use.
Zinc Oxide
There are various types of Zinc Oxide that are made available by us for use in commercial and industrial applications and are very effective. They are easy to use and are very effective.
Nickel Acetate
The offered Nickel Acetate for use in various purposes and industrial applications. it is very efficient and made for effective use in various industries. It is offered in easy to store packaging and is easy to transport.
Zinc Plating Chemicals
We are offering the high quality Zinc Plating Chemicals that are suitable for making the metals safer and increase its service life. There are various types of chemicals that are included under here. They are safe for use.
Phosphating Chemicals
This range of Phosphating Chemicals is accessible in free flow powder form. Application of these chemicals can be noticedin automobile and electrical arena. Long shelf life and accurate composition are their main aspects.
Stannous Chloride
Stannous Chloride is utilized to absorb moisture from edible items, medicines etc. it has milk like form and its formulation method conforms  to industry specified standard. We offer this product at reasonable price.
Metal Tank
Electroplating VAT Tanks are reckoned for their ergonomic appearance. These are rust proof and have optimum durability. User friendly design, reasonable price, ease of cleaning and high strength are their key aspects.
Potassium Stannate
Powder based Potassium Stannate is offered in HDPE container. This industrial chemical has 99% pure content. It has long storage life. It has been processed under controlled temperature. We offer this chemical at competitive price range.

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