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Product Range
Uma Chemicals uses established approach of quality and research along with statistical & analytical tools for identifying the issues concerning the production of zinc plating, zinc electroplating brightener and allied products. Owing to the approaches, we have made a mark in Indian and global countries. Our product ambit is:
  • Chemicals: Nickel Sulphate, Nickel Chloride, Nickel Salt, Metal Cleaners, Silver Plating Salts, Gold plating chemicals, Stannous Sulphate, Sodium Stannate, Acid Tin Salts, Copper Salt CY, Brass Salts, Nickle Brighteners, Zinc Plating, Zinc Electroplating Brightener, Chrome Additives, Oil Cleaners and Other Specific Chemicals as per customer requirement
  • Electroplating Chemicals: Plated Nickel, Plated Cyanide Zinc, Plated Acid Zinc, Plated Chrome, Plated Tin, Plated Brass, Plated Acid Copper, Plated Cyanide Copper, Plated Silver & Gold, Polished Stainless Steel, White & Yellow Bronze, Passivations like Yellow, Blue, Black, Olive Green
  • Electroplating Plants: Rectifiers, Barrels, Vat Tanks, Air Agitation Units, Dryers, Filters (along with Filter Pads, Clothes and other Accessories)
  • Other Products: Basic Salts, Intermediates

Engaged Workforce

Employees working at different levels in our company have complete understanding of our mission and they give in their best to support it. Our entire workforce endeavors to achieve the mission and vision of our company that are decided on the parameters of equability, strategic initiatives and corporate tactics. We comprehend and appreciate the value of our chemical engineers and other skilled personnel in the growth of our company. In line with this, we implement motivational approach to make workforce more productive and customer-focused.

Quality Conformation
The ISO 9001:2000 certification is exemplary to the practices and procedures followed in our company for formulating zinc plating, zinc electroplating brightener, polished stainless steel, white & yellow bronze, and other products. The quality and production processes are strictly in conformation with the ISO quality standard. The technology used to ensure high quality is ripe with innovation and hence supports in lightening production of quality products. Owing to our quality configuration program, we have surpassed fierce competition in the industry, with ease.

Uma Chemicals offers zinc plating, zinc electroplating brightener and other products, which meet the specific needs of our customers. These are made using newly introduced and efficacious technology which helps in improving the product's quality and helping in reducing it's cost.

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